My Original Art Gallery Of Fantasy, Abstract Gothic Still Life And Animal Art

This is some of my original art drawings and paintings that I have done throughout the years. I creat art in many styles and subjects. Here you will find my fantasy, abstract, gothic, animal and wildlife, Still lifes, pop art and portraits.   A little something for everyone :)<br>

A kiss from beyond the grave abstract digital original art

Victorian woman with cat pen ink portrait drawing

Medieval Castle landscape pen ink drawing

big eye ethnic girl drawing

Bridge over waterfall pen ink landscape drawing

Fairies and baby cub tigers fantasy fairytale beasts mixed media art

Mermaid mom and baby boy mixed media art

Gothic Angel and red roses colored pencil drawing

Leopard in tree ink drawing

"woman putting on lipstick ink drawing makeup art

Womans lips biting lipstick brush ink makeup artdrawing

Vampire devil woman ink drawing

Star child abstract woman acrylic painting

Red rose with girls face original mixed media art on paper

Colorful cat family acrylics painting on paper

Flapper Girl Butterfly fairy aceo painting

Colorful butterfly painting

The Queen Of hearts aceo painting

Womans blue eye aceo art

Eyes Of The Soul Abstract Art drawing

big eye candy land fairy girl drawing

Big eye cat girl and kittens mixed media art

Gothic Alice in wonderland painting

mermaid eye aceo art

enchanted rose garden fantasy fairytale aceo art

Block head people love romance aceo art

wine bottles glass and grapes abstract pop art

gothic circus feak lady aceo art

abstract eagle flying over lake

Abstract wolf painting

Anger Of The Gods The Red Sea" revelations 16:3

Witch and black cat portrait painting

abstract witchcraft skull acrylics painting on paper

Flapper girl fairy painting on paper

abstract woman painting

flaming skull painting on paper

butterfly pinup girl fairy painting

Pinata bear acrylic painting on paper

day of the dead woman original digital art

Mermaid girl big eyed art drawing done with markers pastels and acrylics on paper

Vampire woman and the blood rose mixed media art

black widow womans face portrait painting on paper

Black high heel shoe with polka dot background aceo art i did

Womans legs and fishnet stockings aceo drawing

Tropical Birds of Paradise acrylics on paper

Ascension of Souls acrylic abstract painting I did on paper

Abstract rainbow unicorn I did with acrylics

Patriotic Flag Lady I drew with markers and acrylics on paper

Abstract Blue and Purple Mermaid painting I did on canvas

1920s fairy lovers

Legal imprint